About the artist

zena.dyete is a contemporary brand by designer Ivana Petrović, currently located in Croatia, EU.  

Petrović started making necklaces for herself back in 2013, but only after repeatedly getting compliments and buying offers, started doing small series of necklaces. In 2015 she quit her day job to pursue her creative dream. She started traveling and meeting new cultures. Her biggest life joys; music, dance, colours and food, are also her biggest inspirations. If Love is the greatest ingredient one can put in anything she does, zena.dyete jewelry is filled with tender loving care.

The deisgner has worked with numerous Croatian and international artists Ella Dvornik (CRO), Andja Marić (CRO), Saul Williams (USA), Dapper Afrika (USA), Danielle Young (USA), B Hawk Snipes (USA) etc. Her massive work and words were  published in several magazines and web sites. 

zena.dyete jewelry was exhibited and/or is currently being sold in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berkeley and Zagreb. 

Biologist by education, Petrović is a big music aficionado, human rights activist, dancer, runner and biker. Her inspirations stem from women's body curvature, old architecture and music. She continues to create custom and ready-to-wear designs in her studio in Zagreb.

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